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Atomeet, what is it?

Atomeet is a free service that helps you organize your parties, outings or any kind of events.

In a few clicks, you can create your event's homepage, invite your friends, organize your guest list and discuss the event all together.

About Atomeet

Main features

This first version integrates the main features necessary to create an event and manage a guest list but we will have a three-page-long list of ideas and widgets to develop.

  • Create your event in a few seconds

    No account, no login, create your event's homepage by filling in three fields: title, date, location.

  • Locate your event

    Input an address and your guests will be able to locate your event on a map, find the closest train & bike stations. This service is available for the biggest cities in the US, UK and France (New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, London, Paris, ...)

  • Invite your friends

    In a few clicks, send out invitations to your contacts.

    Your guests will be able to confirm their presence by clicking directly in the email: yes, no, maybe.
    They will no need to create an account.

  • Import your contacts

    Use your Yahoo!, MSN Live or Google Mail contact list directly in Atomeet.

  • Real time guest list

    Quickly see how many guests are invited and who will be present.

  • Discuss with friends

    Use the wall to discuss the organization, location or any other useful thing.

A bit of history

The idea of Atomeet was born in New York, in January 2007 when we were organizing our new apartment's house warming party.

What a mess it was to send out invitation emails, know who was coming, who wasn't... That is when we had the idea to create a website where people could confirm their presence themselves.
This website would be ugly but very handy.

Since then, we keep receiving invitation emails to parties, pub nights, ... always the same story: how many people will there be? where is it? Yuk!

Fed up with the amount of emails that go round to try to organize events, we started to think about our tool:

  • Something that is fast & easy to use
  • Open to everyone. No account, no password to remember
  • One page that has all the information on it: location, date, guests
  • Be able to invite everyone easily and let them confirm their presence by a simple click

After almost a year of thinking and development, we are proud to launch our beeta version!
A few features are still missing (it's a first version), but we hope Atomeet is going to help you organize your events and party even more!

Who is Atomeet?

Atomeet was launched in September 2008 and edited by PlumbR SARL.

The kiss-ass team behind it:

  • Hugues Jupin,
    Design & UI
  • Romain Thiberville,
    Project management & web development
  • Chris James,
    Architecture & web development


Atomeet is proudly monitored by Monitoria, website uptime monitoring service.